Joe Cole ask Chelsea owners to not sell this key player 

Joe Cole has asked the Chelsea owners to not sell Conor Gallagher this summer.

The midfielder was one of the best performers in the side last season and may have to be sold for the Blues to stay within the league PSR limitations.

“If I was sitting in front of the owners, I’d be telling them that Conor is arguably the most important player in that dressing room in terms of what he brings to the club, he understands the club,” said Cole.

“This is before you start talking about his performances on the pitch, because I think the last 56 games everyone played really well. Everyone was playing well.

“Players come off the bench affecting games but during the difficult times, that’s when you see what our players were really worth, where you know when things are not going well.

“And Conor was always there available, driving his team on going and being grave, getting on the ball.

“I think he’s vital for the club to keep him. I don’t understand the financial side of it.

“I know there’s a benefit to selling players from the academy, and you know, I’ll admit, hands up I don’t understand that side of it.

“But if you are from a purely footballing perspective, he’s in the top three most important players in that dressing room.”

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