Ian Maatsen Breaks Silence on Chelsea frustrations ahead of likely £35m summer exit

Ian Maatsen, who’s currently on loan from Chelsea, did something amazing on Tuesday night. He scored a crucial goal for Borussia Dortmund, helping them reach the semi-finals of the Champions League. This achievement marks a big change in his season, especially after spending much of it on the bench at Stamford Bridge.

Last season, Maatsen did really well while playing for Burnley. So, when he returned to Chelsea last summer, he was hopeful for a breakthrough season with the Blues. But things didn’t go as planned. Despite his high hopes, he only got to start one Premier League game in the first part of the season. That’s when he realized he needed more playing time to grow as a player.

So, in January, Maatsen made the decision to go on loan to Dortmund. And it paid off big time. On Tuesday, his first-ever goal in the Champions League helped Dortmund secure a thrilling 4-2 win against Atletico Madrid. This victory means they advance to the semi-finals, where they’ll face Paris Saint-Germain.

Talking about his journey, Maatsen said, “It was unexpected. I always believed I could play for Chelsea, but things didn’t work out there for some reason. Now that I’m here, I’m really thankful for this opportunity. I’m proud of myself for staying confident and coming here to play at the highest level.”

Last summer, Maatsen had the chance to join Burnley permanently for £31.5 million, but he turned it down. Instead, he extended his contract with Chelsea before heading to Dortmund on loan. However, it’s likely that he’ll be sold eventually, as there’s a £35 million release clause in his contract.

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