Mauricio Pochettino praise this player for what he did during penalty fight

Mauricio Pochettino praise this player for what he did during penalty fight

Chelsea defeated Everton 6-0 at Stamford Bridge on Monday night, in what is Chelsea’s best performance of the season so far.

However, a bizarre thing happened in the second-half when Chelsea were leading 4-0.

Referee Paul Tierney had pointed to the penalty spot for a penalty, following a harsh tackle on Cole Palmer.

Nicolas Jackson initially took the ball to take the penalty, but Noni Madueke tried to take the ball from the Chelsea striker, which caused an argument between the pair.

Chelsea captain Conor Gallagher then took the ball and handed it to Cole Palmer, who has been a regular penalty taker for Chelsea.

Even at that point, Noni Madueke and Jackson were still furious that Palmer was going to take the penalty.

Blues boss Mauricio Pochettino has praised Conor Gallagher for coming in to insist Cole Palmer play the penalty.

“It’s not about punishment, it’s about learning,” said Pochettino.

“They are very young guys. It was a very good the reaction from Gallagher.

“We cannot show this type of behaviour. It’s a punishment for everyone because they all know who was the taker.

“Palmer is on the pitch, he is the taker.”

Pochettino also reiterated that Cole Palmer is the designated penalty taker for the team and stressed the need for clarity and adherence to established roles within the squad.

“The penalty taker is Palmer. It’s Palmer who needs to decide if he wants to give the ball to a team-mate. It’s important to fix. They realise now,” the Argentine said.

“It’s a shame. It’s a process for a young team who needs to learn a lot. I want to apologise to the fans.

“We need to be focused on the collective. It’s like we are in a school, and our job is to show them they were wrong so they can learn. There will be no punishment, but this can’t happen again.”

Poch declared: “If Palmer is on the pitch, he is the penalty taker.”

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