Former Chelsea player says Pochettino’s excuse is 100% accurate

ESPN have Frank Leboeuf on their pundit roster, and he always does such a good job of eviscerating Chelsea and their owners that they don’t miss the chance to let him do so when it comes up.

Today they had him ready and waiting to pounce on a question about whether Pochettino was being fair in blaming everything on his side’s youth and inexperience.

It’s a tough one – on the one hand it’s clearly a major factor, and one Pochettino can’t be held accountable for.

On the other hand, it’s also quite convenient cover for him whenever the team is criticised for not improving enough.

Former Chelsea man Leboeuf is a heavy believer in this excuse though, saying that it was almost visible the collapse in leadership and morale at the weekend due to a lack of leadership on the pitch.


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