Finally: Petr Cech explains why he didn’t want to work with Todd Boehly

Petr Cech explains why he didn’t want to work with Todd Boehly

Chelsea legend, Petr Cech has revealed a new perspective to his departure from Stamford Bridge, following Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali’s takeover of the ownership of the club two years ago.

Cech, who was Chelsea’s Technical and Performance Advisor under Roman Abramovich, left the club after the Russian completed its sale to Boehly and Co.

The former Chelsea shot-stopper had suggested during an appearance on Sky sports recently, that he was forced out of the club by the new owners, but he has now clarified his comments by stating that it was actually his decision to leave, even after having positive discussions with Boehly and Eghbali.

He told the Obi One podcast: “I have to say the decision to leave was mine. I know people think the new ownership came and I didn’t like and I left. I have to say I had very good conversations with Todd and Behdad because they are both working on it.

“It’s not only Todd. I had conversations with them. It’s not they came and I left. The transition came from three months before the end of the season so there was a preparation for next season.

“When I do things I do things 100 per cent and at 100 miles per hour. But we had new owners who came with a lot of ideas and they had their vision, which is what they prepared.

“I almost felt like, you know when you come to a new club, you should do it with people that you have 100 per cent the same vision and the same thing and you go forward. And that is the thing I was thinking. I was thinking it would be best for everybody if the club starts from [zero]. I felt it was the best way.”

Chelsea fans were happy when Petr Cech and Marina Granovskaia were pulling strings together at the club, but that now seems like it was centuries ago.

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