Deco name one top manager he loves to replace Xavi

Deco name one top manager he loves to replace Xavi

Barcelona sporting director, Deco, has spoken highly of outgoing Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

Just like Xavi, Klopp has said he’d be leaving his job as manager of Liverpool at the end of the season.

Barcelona are in search of a new manager for next season, and Deco has said he admires Klopp.

He said: “We must follow a line of work, we will hardly be a team which does not want to play well, which does not want to have the ball.

“Based on this idea, each coach has his characteristics, but the one who comes must have ambition and a thirst to do great things.”

Asked about the Klopp rumours, Deco told La Vanguardia: “He is an excellent coach, but I think this is not the time to talk about it. The new coach will want to make changes, but first you will have to explain the project and the ideas to him.

“There are many options.”

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