Raheem Sterling named 22-year-old the funniest player

The Blues have been terrible all season long and many of their players aren’t playing with smiles on their faces at the moment.

It’s so hard to keep the dressing room happy when you’re playing so poorly, and to make matters worse, it sounds as though one of the best influences in the Chelsea squad has just left.

Indeed, according to Raheem Sterling, speaking to StatSports, Armando Broja was actually the funniest player at Chelsea, but now, he’s just gone on loan to Fulham.

Armando Broja the funniest player at Chelsea

Sterling spoke about the Fulham loanee.

“Funniest teammate in the dressing room at the minute,” Sterling was asked.

“Armando, but he’s just left, but he’s definitely,” Sterling said.

Armando Broja may not have been Chelsea’s most important player this season, but if he was a good influence in the dressing room, perhaps Chelsea should’ve kept him around

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