Malo Gusto admits Chelsea squad are loving new Bob Marley chant from fans

Malo Gusto admits he and his Chelsea teammates are enjoying hearing the new song being sung by the club’s fans – Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.

One of the biggest hits from Bob Marley and the Wailers, the song was released in 1980 but remains massively popular to this day.

It was recently adopted by Blues supporters during their 3-1 win at Crystal Palace last month when the second half was delayed due to a technical fault.

Chelsea were 1-0 down at Selhurst Park as Three Little Birds played out on the Palace PA system – with both sets of fans singing along to pass the time.

But Blues fans continued to sing it after completing a second-half turnaround, throwing ‘Chelsea’ into the mix at the end of each chorus, which has caught on.

The song’s lyrics include: ‘Don’t worry about a thing… Cause every little thing is gonna be alright!’

Quizzed if Chelsea’s players were enjoying the chant, Gusto told Sky Sports: ‘Yes!

‘My dad loves this song [too]. But yeah, it’s our song, if you can say this. We are very happy to have these type of fans.

‘I know the English people love football and that’s the difference from the French. It’s good for the team to have the fans behind us and we are very happy to have them.’

Gusto is also grateful for Chelsea fans chanting his name as the Frenchman added: ‘One moment, I stopped myself and heard this. I was really, really happy to hear it. Afterwards I just tried to focus on the game and do my best.’

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