Pochettino finally reacts to chants and boos from angry Chelsea fans

Pochettino reacts to chants and boos from angry Chelsea fans

Mauricio Pochettino has admitted he feels the pain of Chelsea fans around the world, and therefore cannot complain about the boos that have been directed at him and his players in recent games.

For the umpteenth time under the Argentine’s leadership, angry Chelsea fans targeted both him and his players during the 2-2 Premier League draw with Brentford last weekend.

As the Blues trailed 2-1 at the GTech stadium, ‘Mauricio f*** off’ chants could be heard in the stadium, while the players were booed for what the fans believed to be an abysmal display.

Pochettino was asked to share his feelings about the behaviour from the fans during his pre-match press conference on Thursday, to which he answered: “It is nothing to complain, nothing to say, we understand the situation. We need to accept the criticism.

“We need to try to improve in the way we play and the result and try to change this feeling.

“Hope on Monday the fans will be right behind us and helping the team to win the game. But we need to accept that is football.

“Maybe if I was a fan, I would behave the same as them because it’s Chelsea, we are not matching the expectation.”

After the draw with Brentford, Pochettino also came out to urge Chelsea fans to boo him, and leave the players out of it because he was sure he could handle it better.

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