“I cannot do nothing” Chelsea fans expecting too much – says Pochettino

“No, I cannot do nothing” Chelsea fans expecting too much – Pochettino cries out

Mauricio Pochettino has insisted he cannot convince Chelsea fans to have more faith in the future of the club, because the only way to effectively do so is to win matches on a regular basis.

The Argentine however believes that some of the fans have not been fair to both him and his players due to the unrealistic expectations they continue to have despite the obvious problems mitigating against the club.

He said at a press conference on Thursday: “No, I cannot do nothing. The only way they can believe in us is to win games and because of the circumstance, we are maybe not consistent enough. After Wolverhampton, we play Aston Villa, City, Palace, Liverpool and Brentford and we did not lose in those games. It’s five games, no?

“Because of the expectation, that is the problem. When the expectation does not match the reality, and you believe that you can win the race and if you are not going to win it, of course that is the problem with the relationship with the fans, the bad feelings arrive.

“On my side, I am the same as when I arrived here. I really believe in the club, I really believe in the fans, I really believe in the players, I really believe in the project. Only the circumstances delay all of the things because you can manage things but when you suffer too many negative things like injuries, like now with three players after Saturday, that is not about the quality of the coaching staff, or the capacity to play more offensive or more defensive, you know?

“This type of circumstance is affecting the expectation of Chelsea winning titles. That is the answer. People want to understand? Perfect. If they do not want to understand? What can we do? I prefer to talk about football, why you play with five at the back, a back four, two midfielders, three offensive players, two strikers, that is my passion.

“I need to come here and always explain the circumstance and to justify why we are not winning or why we are not in the position people expect, because of Chelsea. But it’s true. The circumstances are different, the project is different. For me, to be in another position to talk about football, I prefer 100%.”

It’s time for Mauricio Pochettino to work and win Chelsea fans over with success.

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