Pochettino’s Bold Maneuver to Ease Chelsea’s Tension ahead of Carabao Cup clash with Liverpool

Pochettino’s Bold Maneuver to Ease Chelsea’s Tension

This is a young Chelsea group full of relatively inexperienced players. Most have played in big games, but very few have played a cup final at Wembley. That’s in stark contrast to Liverpool, who have many players who have played multiple games like the one tomorrow.

Blues manager Mauricio Pochettino is the one who has to try to mend that imbalance, and it was interesting to hear him speaking in his press conference about how he was going about trying to get the group ready without overloading them with stress and information.

Pochettino’s tactic, as he revealed to the official website, is to just not build it up too much:

“I am so relaxed. I’m 51 years old, I am more experienced, I’ve played finals in Paris – I think the approach is very calm and relaxed. Of course, we go to work and when the moment arrives to play, then we will start to feel the adrenaline and of course, we want to win.

“But, like I told the players, we need to start the game at 3pm on Sunday. If we started thinking about the game one week before then we would spend too much energy.

“Preparing for the game is different from starting the game because we are preparing in a really good way. We are so happy with how things are going this week. We are going to arrive in a very good condition to challenge Liverpool.”

We hope that this tactic works out. Certainly there’s no need to obsess over every last detail, but the idea that the players are going to switch into final-mode at the moment of kick off doesn’t sound too convincing either.

The first ten minutes are going to set the tone, and we need to come out of the blocks explosively. Let’s hope this is the right method to make that happen.

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