Nicolas Jackson Reveals Pochettino’s Mentorship, Echoing Words of Wisdom to Harry Kane

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has come under a lot of criticism so far this season and many Chelsea fans were actually calling for him to be sacked just weeks ago.

But on Sunday he has a chance to lift a trophy at Wembley and also, the last three games have quietened down the sacking noise from the fan base and even some pundits are starting to turn their opinions and offer praise for the boss and for the team.

Can the positivity continue? None of us know at this point because Chelsea have been so up and down this season it’s impossible to forecast.

But one thing seems very obvious, and that is that the Chelsea players are currently standing up and being counted and also, are very much behind Pochettino and are fighting for him right now.

Striker Nicolas Jackson has even said as much in an interview with talkSPORT this week, and also notes that Pochettino is telling him the same as he told Harry Kane when he was a developing young player as well to try and help him succeed.

Jackson said: “It’s the same thing. I don’t know what he told Harry, but the same thing he is telling me, he told Harry the same thing he is telling me.”

“Just continue, you miss but later it will be easy when you start to improve and get experience. He is helping me a lot and all the players in the team. We fight for him and the team.”

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