Former Chelsea Star Unveils Tactics to Navigate Away from Past Pitfalls

Decoding Success: Ex-Chelsea Star Unveils Tactics to Navigate Away from Past Pitfalls

Everyone has had their opinion on Chelsea this season and we have seen some real on and off moments at the club.

The fanbase have been exhausted and often at the very end of their patience, with many of them fully losing their patience. And at times it’s been really tough supporting Chelsea these last couple of seasons.

But it’s also been far from all doom and gloom, and there have been some good moments and promising signs, especially this season. One of which is reaching The Carabao Cup final and building some very good momentum in the lead up to it.


But a lot of the criticisms have been directed at Chelsea’s decision makers and squad building at the club, signing young players and lacking proven and quality experience.

And former Chelsea defender Frank Leboeuf says that if they continue to go down the young player route only, then they will continue to face many of the same issues they have seen in recent seasons once again.


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