Palmer names Chelsea’s fastest player and the player with the strongest mentality

Cole Palmer reveals Chelsea’s fastest player and the player with the strongest mentality at Chelsea

Cole Palmer has named Thiago Silva the player whose mentality he admires the most at Chelsea.

The 21-year-old made the revelation while speaking in an interview with the Carabao Cup ahead of this weekend’s final with Liverpool at Wembley.

Cole Palmer was asked to build the perfect Chelsea player from the current squad, and he mostly went for names that people wouldn’t find surprising at all, save for one or two.

Mentality: “Thiago Silva.”

Vision: “I’ll say Enzo Fernandez.”

Speed: “I’ll say [Mykhailo] Mudryk.”

Left foot: “Can I say myself? I’ll say me.”

Right foot: “I’ll say Raheem Sterling.”

The Raheem Sterling answer is particularly shocking to us though, seeing as his right foot doesn’t seem to be more powerful than that of Reece James, but perhaps Palmer wasn’t taking only shot power into account when making his decision. James has also barely played for Chelsea this season, so he may not have really seen the right-back at his very best.

However, we most certainly agree with Palmer that Thiago has the strongest mentality among his teammates, having heard the Brazilian make it clear time and again how much he hates losing a match.

Thiago is also the most experienced player at Chelsea right now, at 39 years old, so he’s seen so much more than most, if not all of his teammates.

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