Mauricio Pochettino praised Enzo Fernandez for one thing after City game

Pochettino explains the transformation of Enzo Fernandez

Mauricio Pochettino has lauded Enzo Fernandez for his recent displays for Chelsea.

The midfielder has looked more like the player Chelsea paid £107m for more than a year ago.

There have also been talks as to where the 23-year-old now plays for Chelsea, but Pochettino insists his position hasn’t changed.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Manchester City, Pochettino said of his countryman, Enzo Fernandez: “I don’t believe that he is playing much deeper [on the pitch].

“We’ve always known he is a player with the capacity to use his quality in our build-up, but also that he could arrive in the opposition box with the ability to score.

“He now has the capacity to move, to run. He is improving a lot. That is why now we can see him building up, but also scoring goals like in the last minute against Palace, where he ran 70 or 60 metres.

“He is improving a lot. It is all about time. He is a player with the capacity to play box-to-box but also score goals with the technique that he has.”

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