Mourinho names the EPL club he hated playing against as Chelsea manager

Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has admitted that he hated having to face Newcastle United during his time as a manager in the Premier League because he could hardly beat them.

Mourinho has spent a good part of his managerial career coaching some of the biggest teams in football, including Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham.

During his time in England, the Portuguese was famous for his rivalries with a number of notable opposing managers, like former Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, and ex-Man United head coach, Sir Alex Ferguson. But he has now revealed that the rivalries were actually more with the clubs than their managers.

According to the Champions League-winning coach, he loved playing against Wenger’s Arsenal because he had a good record against them, and dreaded going to play Newcastle at St. James’ Park because he could hardly ever win against them.

“Not with the managers, with the clubs yes,” Mourinho told FIVE in an interview.

“When people speak about me and Wenger, we had our things on the touchline, in words. But what I enjoyed the most was beating Arsenal every time we played against them, because it was every time Chelsea, boom, boom, boom. That was what I enjoyed.

“I didn’t enjoy to play in Newcastle because I never win. Every time I went to Newcastle it was lose or draw, lose or draw. I think I won there once probably with Chelsea, with Man United or Tottenham. Out of 10 I would win once or twice.

“There was no rivalry with [Alan] Pardew or with [Sam] Allardyce or anyone there, I just knew that going to play St James’ was really, really hard.”

Some Chelsea fans have clamoured for Jose Mourinho to return to Chelsea for a third stint, but it’s a move that may never happen.

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