Andy likens this Chelsea star to former Real Madrid and Arsenal star

Andy likens this Chelsea player to former Real Madrid and Arsenal star

TalkSPORT pundit Andy Townsend has drawn similarities between Chelsea youngster, Cole Palmer, and German football icon Mesut Ozil.

Palmer, who has been a standout performer in Chelsea’s current season, boasts an impressive record of 12 goals and nine assists in 28 appearances, marking a remarkable debut year at Stamford Bridge.

The comparison to Ozil, known for his successful stints with Real Madrid and Arsenal, as well as winning the FIFA World Cup with Germany, certainly adds an intriguing dimension to Palmer’s narrative.

If Palmer can maintain his current form, there’s no doubt that he can go on to enjoy an equally brilliant career, like Ozil or even better.

“I do like him. I think he would be well suited to international football in some ways,” Townsend told talkSPORT.

“He’s one of those younger players that’s prepared to take that extra touch in a tighter area and yet still produce a pass. I like the way he drifts anywhere across the line.

“Remember Mesut Ozil when he was at his best, he sort of drifts very casually into areas and glides into areas.

“Cole Palmer is a little like that. He’s got that real nice appreciation of the ball when it’s at his feet.”

Not many expected Palmer to perform this well for Chelsea, but the 21-year-old has proven beyond doubt that he’s a class act.

Could Cole Palmer be like Mesut Ozil? Only time will tell.

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