Strategic Brilliance Unveiled As Chelsea Coaches Anticipate Carabao Cup Final clash vs Liverpool

Strategic Brilliance Unveiled: Chelsea Coaches Anticipate Carabao Cup Final Three Matches Early

Chelsea’s game against Manchester City this weekend is a fascinating matchup. Chelsea won on Monday night, while City won last night in the Champions League.

That means a not-quite complete week of rest and then training for both teams before the City v Chelsea KO Time, which is 5.30pm, in the weekend’s prime time slot.

That means all eyes on us, and one interested spectator will be Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

His team play us a week later, and he knows that the team we pick to play City is likely to be very similar in composition and tactics to the one we will pick against him at Wembley a week later.

Neither us nor City will be 100% rested, but Mauricio Pochettino is already planning ahead. He didn’t select Christopher Nkunku from the start in either of our last two games, in preparation for him playing in both the City and Liverpool games.

Who knows what other tricks our coach could have up his sleeve to try and throw Jurgen off the scent?

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