Pochettino Presses Chelsea Executives with Bold Ambitions

Pochettino Makes Power Move: Presses Chelsea Executives with Bold Ambitions

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has ‘forcefully advanced’ his desire on one situation to his superiors at the club.

Pochettino apparently does get a say in most operations at Chelsea right now, especially when it comes to his squad. But it seems pretty clear that he is far from the final decision maker and it doesn’t look like the say he gets is very big at all, with the sporting directors being in charge of all recruitment and squad building decisions.

The future of Conor Gallagher will say it all really. It looks like the directors want to sell him for pure profit this summer, but Pochettino wants to keep him and wants them to sign him to a new contract extension.

This all seems rather up in the air at the moment, according to a fresh report from The Daily Mail.

They claim that privately, Pochettino has forcefully advanced the merits of agreeing a new contract for Conor Gallagher with his superiors.

So he once again makes his feelings clear, but will he be backed? Time will tell.

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