Chelsea star player with the nickname ‘whisper’ says he’s from the ghetto

‘I’m from the ghetto’ – Says Chelsea striker with the nickname

Chelsea youngster, Dujuan Richards has opened up on his upbringing, and how he got his nickname, ‘whisper’.

Richards joined Chelsea from the Phoenix academy in Jamaica last year, and is now looking forward to making his first senior appearance.

“It was rough for me – I’m from the ghetto but had a big dream,” the striker told the official Chelsea website.

“I didn’t know something like this would happen, but in my mind, I always thought that I would become a professional footballer. Whenever I got an opportunity, I took it. In Jamaica, it’s not easy if you’re not mentally strong or mentally tough. You will fail if you’re not resilient.

“My family were very important to me. They continue to always support me, text me, and check in on me even during training. I love that.



“Going through the Phoenix Academy was a pleasure as well. I will always love Phoenix no matter what and no matter what happens next, I will always love Phoenix. I will always support them because they helped me when it was rough on my journey.”

On his nickname, he added: “When I was younger, if I spoke, I wouldn’t speak loudly.

“I would always come beside you and talk so only you and I could hear. I got the nickname from a coach, and I have lived with it since.

“I’m hoping one day I might be able to have Whisper on the back of my shirt!”

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