Napoli Conditions for Chelsea Securing Oshimen Signing Amidst Competition; here are the conditions

“Chelsea’s Path to Victory: Three Key Conditions for Securing Oshimen Signing Amidst Competition”

If Chelsea aims to secure OSHIMEN signature ahead of Liverpool, they must fulfill three crucial requirements. As is often the case, discussions surrounding OSHIMEN future are expected to dominate the transfer scene this summer. The 25-year-old appeared poised to depart Napoli for Real Madrid in 2022 but ultimately reversed course and extended his contract with the Italian club. However, speculation persists linking OSHIMEN with a move to the England giants, potentially marking his long-awaited transfer to the England.

In the final year of the contract signed in 2022, Victor Osimhen, has the option to leave Napoli, with the club receiving no compensation if he decides to depart this summer. According to reports from Le Parisien and ESPN, OSHIMEN e has chosen to join Chelsea However, Cadena SER indicates that OSHIMEN has three conditions that Chelsea must meet for him to commit his future to them over Manchester United or other linked clubs, including Liverpool. The Italian professional reportedly seeks an annual salary close to £35 million, a figure that would place him among the highest-paid players globally. Additionally, OSHIMEN is said to be requesting a signing bonus of €100 million (£105 million).

In addition to the salary and signing bonus demands, reports suggest that Victor Osimhen, also seeks to retain a higher percentage of his image rights compared to what Real Madrid typically offer their top players. While Chelsea typically take 50% of their star signings’ image rights, Mbappe reportedly wants to keep 60% for himself.

Meanwhile, Manchester United is reportedly planning to offer victor OSHIMEN a substantial £50.7million per year deal, matching his current contract, along with a bonus of €110 million (£111 million).

Under the terms of OSHIMEN current agreement, he must inform club president of his decision to leave before contacting any other clubs. Additionally, he would have to forfeit an €50 million loyalty bonus if he chooses to depart.

For Liverpool or Manchester United to have any hope of enticing Victor Osimhen, to join ,they’ll need to offer a significant amount of money.


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