Former Chelsea boss ready to replace Pochettino at Stamford Bridge

Former Chelsea boss ready to replace Pochettino at Stamford Bridge

According to a report on Daily Mail via 90min, Jose Mourinho is keen on a third tenure as Chelsea’s head coach.

Amidst growing pressure on current manager Mauricio Pochettino, following a disappointing results.

Mourinho, currently without a club since his departure from Roma in January, has always expressed his deep connection to Chelsea, even after leaving the UK.

The Daily Mail states that Mourinho is enthusiastic about the prospect of managing Chelsea again, partly due to personal reasons. His family residence is remarkably close to Stamford Bridge, only 200 meters away, and his family, including his children and wife, are based in London.

While Mourinho’s potential comeback is filled with personal and professional longing for the club he famously dubbed “my Chelsea,” the decision ultimately lies with Chelsea’s ownership, Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali.

Despite the recent setback, Pochettino has mentioned receiving supportive communication from the owners post the Wolves match.

Mourinho’s initial tenure at Chelsea began in 2004, marking the start of the Roman Abramovich era, during which he secured two Premier League titles before leaving in 2007 due to conflicts with Abramovich. His return in 2013 saw him leading Chelsea to another Premier League victory with stars like Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas before departing again in 2015.

Mourinho’s career post-Chelsea includes roles at Manchester United and Tottenham, yet his affection for Chelsea remains evident, often referring to the club affectionately in public discussions.

“Chelsea will always be Chelsea,” Mourinho told Sky Sports last summer. “Chelsea will always be big and my house will always be 200 metres away from the stadium so I want to keep listening to the sound of happiness and success. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be like that.

“Of course, my English connection is Chelsea. That’s the way I see things, as a Chelsea man after two periods of Chelsea and six years.”

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