Unexpected Drama as Thiago Silva Confronts Pochettino Over Social Media Uproar”

“Drama Unfolds: Thiago Silva Confronts Pochettino Over Social Media Uproar”

It’s been a firefighting press conference for Mauricio Pochettino.

On the back of two bad results he’s been batting away question with all sorts of dark overtones. You certainly don’t want to be in a position where you’re addressing the social media posts of your most experienced player’s wife, but that’s exactly the position that he’s in.

Thiago Silva’s wife Belle posted immediately after the game on Sunday that Chelsea needed “change” before it was “too late.” This felt like a pretty direct call for the club to change coach.

Pochettino insisted that this wasn’t the case – but admitted that Silva had come to speak to him about it:

“He came today to talk with me [about social media post]. I’m not going to talk about the way we spoke” the coach explained.

“He came and wanted to talk with me. Of course, you know me, we are really strong coaching staff. We talked. That was private, that’s it.”

At a successful team, this sort of thing is just a footnote, or not mentioned at all in a press conference like this. But when you’re struggling like Chelsea are, the whole thing becomes a lot darker.

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