Graeme explained why Chelsea are struggling despite the signings

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has explained why Chelsea are struggling.

According to the Premier League great, Chelsea are currently paying for the poor transfer business that their owners have done over the last two years.

The Blues have spent above £1b since the Todd Boehly-led takeover, with next to nothing to show for it. On top of it all, the West London club is on the verge of missing out on European football for the second season running, after slipping down to 11th on the league table following consecutive defeats to Liverpool and Wolves.

Speaking about Chelsea’s poor form on the White and Jordan show, Souness said: “Chelsea are in trouble. Since the ownership change, it’s been a downward spiral.

“The damage is done. They’ve spent way, way too much money on good players, not top, top players. They’ve got a couple of young midfield players that may be good enough for them one day. They have spent over £100 million on both of them.

“I was sitting down last week watching the Liverpool game and as an old midfield player, that’s the first place I would look. I’m thinking, ‘I’ve not really seen these guys [Moises] Caceido and [Enzo] Fernandez’. I’m saying ‘Come on’ because I know Liverpool is a very difficult place for anyone to go and play. They’re going to be put under pressure every minute of the game. ‘Let’s see how they deal with it’. Didn’t turn up.

“I’m not just blaming everything on those two but I think it’s been a succession of buying players for the sake of buying players. I think there’s a couple of players they bought believing that maybe Man City or Liverpool were interested in them.

“They weren’t buying them because they were the No 1 targets from 6-9 months, a year ago. They have gone out and spent money for the sake of spending money and they’ve made a pig’s ear of it.

“I’ll finish on this, they listen to the wrong people, whoever is advising them on football matters, they have given a masterclass on how not to do it. That’s Chelsea right now.”

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