FINALLY: Chelsea reaches breaking point as fans criticize struggling Mauricio Pochettino and team

Chelsea reaches breaking point as fans criticize struggling Pochettino and team

Chelsea fans are at breaking point.

Some good results against bad teams had papered over the cracks, but a home defeat to Wolves has reopened the gaping wounds at the club and we’re right back where we were before Christmas – in a big old hole with no way out.

As tends to be the case, the internet fans were the most reactionary and the fastest to turn on the coach. But you can smell it in the stadium now – patience is running low.

Pochettino is out excuses. He has a squad close to full strength, the majority of his players have had a year or more to acclimatise to the Premier League, and he himself has been training the group for 9 months.

It’s time to produce, and so far things are getting worse rather than better. This is going to be a real test of our sporting directors and owners if it continues


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