Chelsea fans slammed disgraceful referee decision during Liverpool vs Chelsea clash

Referee called a disgrace for allowing Liverpool’s second goal against Chelsea

Chelsea fans slammed the “disgraceful” decision to allow Liverpool’s second goal to stand despite a “clear foul” on Ben Chilwell in the build-up.

Chilwell was fouled by Diogo Jota before the ball was released by Luis Diaz to Bradley down the right-flank who then scored for Liverpool.

VAR reviewed the goal and the goal was allowed to stand, a decision that annoyed Chelsea fans.

One fan commented: “Not defending our terrible performance so far but that was a foul on Chilwell 100%. This is such a disgrace.”

Another Chelsea fan commented: “LiVARpool strikes again, no foul on chilwell no?”

One questioned how Chelsea were meant to perform at Anfield, writing: “Clear foul on Chilwell for that goal… how are we meant to perform here with this refereeing performance lol.”

Ben Feller added: “I mean is there anyone even manning the VAR tonight? Absolute joke. #CFC.”

VAR had earlier decided not to award Gallagher a penalty despite going down under a challenge from Van Dijk.

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