Why Emiliano Martinez regrets he’s actions  against Chelsea 

Emiliano Martinez regrets he’s actions  against Chelsea

Aston Villa goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez has revealed he’s happy with the FA Cup fourth-round goalless draw with Chelsea on Friday night.

It was a tale of two great goalies at Stamford Bridge, with Martinez and Djordje Petrovic making sure neither side lost the game.

Martinez played a sweeper role against Chelsea, and he admitted be doesn’t really like the job.

The Argentina goalie said after the game: “We had a week off, and then you draw Chelsea away. We knew it was going to be tough but we had 6,000 supporters and we want to go on a cup run.

“We weren’t a strong enough side to get the win today. They had chances and started the game really bright. They didn’t score and then I think we had really, really good chances to win the game.

“But with the high line and balls in behind they are dangerous with quick players. I had to sweep a lot today, but we got the draw and play at home now.

“We made mistakes but our manager always gives us the confidence to keep trying and build out from the back. We are doing something right and doing well. Now we need to focus on Newcastle on Tuesday.

“I don’t really enjoy [the sweeper role] but I am working on it. I’m really strong when we low block and the ball comes into the box. I feel really strong.

“But we play that way and I adapt. I have had training sessions on this with balls in behind and deciding when to go. With my national team and all my career I play low block, this is something new to me as well. I am adapting and doing something quite right.

“We want to give the fans a cup run, we want to give them the trophy, we want to give them Champions League. We had the best year in Villa history in terms of points last year. We want to give them something at the end of the season.

“That’s why they come in numbers, they feel connected with the team. I feel the same way with the national team, with Argentina. We felt the same way with our fans and we repaid them with titles. I feel something similar here.”

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