Chelsea boss Pochettino is happy that Chelsea players are starting to understand this

Pochettino happy that Chelsea players are starting to understand this

Mauricio Pochettino believes his Chelsea side are starting to mature and handle the pressure that comes with playing for the Stamford Bridge club a lot better.

Results have started to improve for Chelsea, who are now into the Carabao Cup final, despite their struggles earlier in the season.

Chelsea have also failed to lose any of their last 10 games across all competitions.

“I was really happy and positive because things were moving on,” Pochettino said to reporters ahead of an FA Cup tie against Aston Villa.

“We did not compete in the way that we should for many details, we are talking about details with the squad, the players, meetings, in training.

“Then, talking with the coaching staff, it is time to realise, to understand, it’s time for them to live the experience.

“Sometimes the players who are right here are so young, they believe they are king of the world – in a good way, without being arrogant. And then they realise through the period that is up and down, up and down, that they start to realise that if we want to be a real team and compete for big things, it is a process.

“Sometimes, if you push too much, you go down; if you don’t push enough, you don’t go forward. Is the right moment to push or stay away? It is a massive process.

“It is like with our kids: sometimes you push, and sometimes you put too much pressure and need to give some freedom. Sometimes, you need to realise they can manage their own decisions. It is a very psychological and important plan. It is science.”

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