Why Stamford Bridge now becoming a fortress again for opposition

Why Stamford Bridge now becoming a fortress again for opposition

Stamford Bridge used to be a fortress for Chelsea, and a scary place for opposition teams to come to.

The Blues seemed to have lost the fear factor at Stamford Bridge, but it’s now gradually coming back.

Noni Madueke is excited for the progress that Chelsea have been making in recent weeks.

The Blues extended their winning streak at Stamford Bridge to seven games after Tuesday’s Carabao Cup semi-final win against Middlesbrough.

Chelsea are also now unbeaten in nine games, and Madueke, who came off the bench to score their sixth in the 6-1 thrashing of Boro has expressed faith that things will only keep getting better.

“We’re turning a corner… you can definitely see the progression,” the winger told the Evening Standard after the win.

“I am really happy and proud of the boys today. People have been doubting us. But again, it was great for the club to not only win but win in style.”

The forward added: “We need to keep it like that. We were very disappointed with our performance in the first leg to be honest.

“It felt like you would always see the right mentality from the start [in the second leg] and a will to win and score many goals and win in style. That’s what our fans deserve and that’s what they’ve got.”

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