Two Chelsea stars talk about “unfinished business at Wembley

Two Chelsea players talk about “unfinished business at Wembley” after their match in the showers

I honestly love hearing insights like this from current players, and Ben Chilwell has revealed something amusing this week.

The left back returned to Chelsea’s starting lineup on Tuesday evening after a long spell on the sidelines.

Chilwell captained Chelsea on the night and helped them beat Middlesbrough 6-1 to get through to the final of The Carabao Cup this season.

After the game, Chilwell spoke to the media and some comments appeared to be embargoed until last last night.

He spoke about how he had literally just been chatting with Thiago Silva about how they both had some unfinished business at Wembley, and this was spurring them on to make sure they do all they can to bring it home this time around!

I love the fact he mentions they were just chatting in the showers about it after the game!

In words cited by The Evening Standard, Chilwell said: “I was, literally, five minutes ago talking to Thiago [Silva] in the shower and saying how we’ve got unfinished business at Wembley.

“We’ve both been there three times and lost three times, so, for sure, we want to go and win and, as a group, we need to make sure that we go and really enjoy the experience and soak it in.

“That’s equally important for a group like ours because there’s only a few of us who have won a trophy at Chelsea and it’s a club that demands trophies, so we need to make sure we go to win, but, also, it’s going to be a great experience for a lot of the players and they need to enjoy it as well.”

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