Mauricio Pochettino acknowledges Chelsea player’s are concern

Mauricio Pochettino acknowledges Chelsea player’s are concern

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has admitted that one of his key players was recently worried.

There are always things that can effect players, because they are human beings and not robots. I think we are fans, myself included, tend to forget that sometimes.

I don’t think Moises Caicedo was every criticised by fans so much and more by pundits, but he certainly drew criticisms after he failed to really make a solid impact when first joining Chelsea this summer. Since then though, he has really found his feet and showed what he is capable of and why Chelsea paid all that money to sign him.

But he may also have been effected with what was going on in his home country, Ecuador. And in fact, Blues boss Mauricio Pochettino says that he was very much effected by the events there.

The 22-year-old midfielder still has family living in Ecuador, where President Daniel Noboa has declared a state of emergency.

More than 2,700 suspects have been arrested as soldiers are deployed to crack down on gang attacks.

There is concern for South American footballers more broadly in the region after the parents of Liverpool forward Luis Diaz were kidnapped and Lionel Messi’s relatives were victims of an armed robbery in Argentina, with both incidents taking place in November.

When asked about Caicedo’s wellbeing, Pochettino said: “He is okay now, he is better now, he feels better.

“He says the situation there is not normal but it is improving, and now it is more relaxed. It is true that a few weeks ago he was really worried.

“The situation is not easy in South America; it is not only in Ecuador. Normally, the club cares for him, and for everyone.

“If you have problems, the club is there to try to help us in different ways. It has happened. It is a good thing for the club to help the player because we need him in his best condition to compete.

“You know very well that this could affect the player’s performance.”

Words via The Evening Standard.

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