Six key failed transfer deals despite Fabrizio Romano’s ‘Here We Go’ catchphrase

Six failed transfer deals despite Fabrizio Romano’s ‘Here We Go’ catchphrase

Fabrizio Romano is arguably the most trusted source of transfer news in football.

The Italian journalist has more scoops than an ice cream factory and says “here we go” more than Joey Barton’s lawyer looking at his tweets. But his iconic seal of approval hasn’t got a 100% success rate.

The law of averages means he’s bound to get it wrong sometimes. We’re all humans, eh Fab? So let’s have a look at six occasions where deals collapsed and left even him looking silly, if his gorgeous face could ever..

Georginio Wijnaldum

One of Romano’s most memorable mess ups was when Wijnaldum departed Liverpool in the summer of 2021. He confirmed the Dutchman would be joining Barcelona.

But days passed without the move being made official, and Wijnaldum changed his mind to instead sign for PSG as he favoured their speedy negotiations.

Hakim Ziyech

This one was hardly Romano’s fault, but he still got it wrong. Chelsea flop Ziyech was all set to join PSG at the end of last year’s winter transfer window.

The loan move was 99.9% done, but Stamford Bridge chiefs failed to arrange the correct paperwork in time. It left Ziyech fuming and Romano with a harsh stain on his record.

Adrien Rabiot

Before leaving PSG to join Juventus in 2019, Romano reported he was headed to Barca as a free agent. And like Wijnaldum’s proposed Nou Camp move, it never materialised.

In fairness, the French midfielder has been linked with more transfers (mostly to Manchester United) in the last few years than he’s had hot dinners.

Sergio Reguilon

Romano technically didn’t get this one wrong, but rather called it three years too early. He said Reguilon would be Old Trafford-bound from Atletico Madrid in 2020.

The Spaniard actually moved to Tottenham. But he did finally end up with the Red Devils on loan for the first half of this season. You can’t count that as a win though Fab!

Lionel Messi

Not predicting a transfer was Romano’s downfall when it came to Messi’s saga in 2021. He said it was “never in doubt” that the Barca icon would be signing a new contract with his beloved club.

That of course didn’t come to pass as a result of their dire financial situation. And it looked even worse for Romano when Messi joined PSG, who he’d said had “no real chance” of signing him.

Marc Cucurella

Rarely do a club directly respond to Romano’s claims, but Brighton did when Marc Cucurella became a target for Chelsea. The guru had said a deal was done, but the Seagulls made a public statement denying it.

The move was then completed just days later, so there’s certainly an asterix against this one, but his reputation did briefly take a hit. Chelsea are probably wishing he had been wrong about the £62million move now.

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