Want away Chelsea star will reject any offer, even against the club’s wishes

Chelsea regular will reject any offer, even against the club’s wishes

TeamTalk’s Fraser Fletcher has written an exclusive today claiming that Conor Gallagher is going to reject any move away from Chelsea this month, even if the club accept an offer.

Much like Ian Maatsen in the summer, Chelsea are keen to sell home grown talent to try and balance some of their colossal spending. But Gallagher has established himself as a regular, a captain and a fan favourite, and won’t be shifted so easily.

He knows the fans love him and want him to stay, and that the club can’t force him to go if he doesn’t want to. They can’t even threaten to let him rot in the reserves, as it would weaken the team massively and cause a riot in the fanbase.

Now we can’t be sure whether this really is sourced information or just educated guesswork, but either way we like the way these rumours are travelling.

Compared to the deadline day in August, when it felt like we only kept Gallagher through good fortune, his chances of moving in this window feel like they’re shrinking. The club are going to have to find more creative ways of balancing the books.

Now we just need him to agree a new contract and we can all relax at last.

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