Why Chelsea should secure a short-term priority deal wisely

Journalist suggests Chelsea should secure a short-term priority deal wisely

Chelsea could look to do a short-term deal to sort out one of their priorities for this month.

A lot has been said about this potential situation for the last couple of days, especially with noise coming from other leagues of potential players who might be up for grabs.

Two of them are from the Saudi league, with both Roberto Firmino and Karim Benzema creating a lot of buzz around their futures right now. Both players are seemingly eyeing a move away from Saudi already.

Chelsea need a new striker, so might they turn to either of the above mentioned names?

Journalist Luke Edwards from The Telegraph believes they would be wise to do exactly that.

He says: “Chelsea are lacking a centre-forward, a presence in the box – and Benzema, Firmino, yes, they’re the wrong age of 30, but I think most teams in the Premier League would take them. If they can somehow wangle a sort of short-term deal for one of those players, I think that would make a lot of sense.”

I completely agree with him here as well, at least for Benzema. I’m not sure sure that Firmino would fit what Chelsea need right now, but Benzema certainly would.

The only issues would be his massive wages, but if he really wants to come back to Europe this window then he will have to be realistic in accepting much lower wages

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