Former Chelsea star names key factor for Mauricio Pochettino’s success

Former Chelsea player identifies key factor for Pochettino’s success: exceptional management

Opinions on Mauricio Pochettino have never been so divided.

We’re halfway into his first season as Chelsea boss, meaning that fans and pundits alike are starting to feel more confident in judging his work so far.

The problem is that the context of his time at the cub makes his individual work hard to judge. There’s been endless injuries, tons of new signings to integrate and an exceptionally young squad to work with.

Some people are happy to take those excuses, others are less satisfied. The results have been worse than hoped for, but no so bad that plenty of people are willing to give him more time, given the situation.

One of those people is Dennis Wise, the former Blues midfielder who is convinced that, slowly but surely, Pochettino is going in the right direction. Speaking on TalkSport last night, Wise was positive about time being all the former Spurs coach needs to get things right – eventually.

“I think [Pochettino] needs time. It’s a transitional period. You’ve just got to wait. There’s a lot of players that he’s inherited and come to the club. I think he’s got to sort the right formula out and find the right connections. They are gradually getting there. It’s just a matter of time. You’ve got to be patient with what he’s doing. Give him enough time, I’m sure he’ll get us where we need to be. He’s a very good manager.”

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