Former Chelsea star doubts £100m target’s technical abilities

Former Blue doubts £100m target’s technical abilities

John Obi Mikel’s new podcast is taking the Chelsea world by storm, and he’s getting plenty of interviews on Sky Sports off the back of it too.

Today they had him on to speak about his countryman and potential Chelsea target Victor Osimhen.

Mikel is a huge fan, but it was interesting to hear he had some criticism too. Mikel has doubts about the Napoli man’s technical level, but has no doubts about his ability to score tons of goals:

“[Chelsea] need a striker, a point-man who scores goals. I know people are talking about Osimhen. He is not the most technical guy but what he does is get you goals and that’s what we need,” the former Blues midfielder explained.

“The good thing about him is that he knows what his job is. His job is not to come in and mess around on the whole thing. If you watch where Haaland scores most of his goals, where is it? In the box. That’s what we need – Osimhen to score goals.”

For £100m (OneFootball), or whatever similar price Osimhen would could, you’d certainly want someone who is as technical as possible.

And while we respect Mikel as someone who knows football, and particularly Nigerian football, we disagree on Osimhen’s technique. He may not be a Paolo Dybala type between the lines, but his technique in terms of shooting (and especially heading) looks excellent to us.

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