Former Chelsea player criticizes Pochettino’s tactics

Ex-Chelsea player criticizes Pochettino’s tactics as “hard to grasp.”

Mauricio Pochettino has been criticised by yet another former Chelsea player today who draws questions on some of his tactics and decision making so far as Blues boss.

Pochettino has been under fire from pundits, fans, and former players a lot lately, some of them ex-Chelsea players.

The latest to jump on the wagon is former Blues defender William Gallas. It’s always interesting to hear what the former pros have to say, especially those who have played for Chelsea.

And Gallas has an issue with Pochettino playing players out of position, especially at left back, where the Argentine continues to insist on using centre back Levi Colwill in that position instead of an actual left back, even when he had them all fit and healthy.

Gallas said: “It’s difficult to understand why the players are playing out of position – I don’t get why the manager is doing this. If you have a left-back in your squad and he’s available, you have to play him. The club buys players to play on the weekend and you have to put the best players in that position on the weekend on the pitch. If your left-back is so-so, you still have to put them in. You can’t put a right-back at left-back or a centre-back there, that’s why Pochettino’s tactics have been difficult to understand.”

I do agree with most of this as well, I am a real advocate of playing players in their strongest positions where they will play their best football and have the most impact. Because I mean, why would you not want that from your team!?

Give them the very best chance to perform at their absolute best by playing them in their correct positions.

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