Chelsea received positive injury news, providing a boost for Pochettino

Chelsea received positive injury news, providing a boost for Mauricio Pochettino

Chelsea’s medical department and Mauricio Pochettino have come under intense scrutiny of late with the amount of injuries the club have had in the first team.

It’s been an unprecedented amount of injuries for them to deal with, and it’s been a massive issues this season.

Pochettino has never had a fully fit squad to pick from, or not even close to that. On average they have had ten players out injured per game so far this season, and nobody can understand or pinpoint why it is happening so often.

But there is some rare good injury news for Chelsea today in what will be a huge boost for Pochettino and the team.

Christopher Nkunku returned from his injury but then got injured again, and Pochettino said he was worried about it at the weekend.

However, according to The Daily Mail, Nkunku has been earmarked for a possible return to training this week. Nkunku’s injury is showing positive signs of progress increasing hopes about how soon he will be able to return.

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