Chelsea mentioned this player in their report on the £87m transfer target

Chelsea mentioned the player in their report on the £87m transfer target, and numbers indicate their critical issue with passive possession and a lack of shots

Chelsea have too much possession where they do little with the ball to create chances.

It’s evident in so many games, especially when we play weaker sides. Time and again in recent weeks, the opposition have allowed us to dominate the game, but we’ve been unable to turn that into chances.

Both our cup games against Championship opposition, the games over Christmas against Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, Luton and Fulham.

It’s games like that which have put our possession so high – we are 11th in Europe’s top 4 leagues for possession percentage. But we’re way down in 30th on shots taken per game (Whoscored).

That huge gap needs to be closed, and we’re praying that Christopher Nkunku is the man to do it. Both by providing the creativity to turn possession into chances, and by taking shots himself, if he can just stay fit we can imagine him making a huge impact here.

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