Why the coming back of Jose Mourinho lingers in every Chelsea discussion

The specter of Jose Mourinho lingers in every Chelsea discussion until a potential Saudi intervention

The news that Jose Mourinho has been sacked by Roma is causing quite a stir among Chelsea fans online.

Whenever this club is at its lowest there’s nostalgic talk about bringing our legendary former coach back. And there have certainly been some low moments this season.

Now he’s a free agent, that talk will ramp up, especially if Mauricio Pochettino goes through another particularly bad period. It’s the last thing you need, and anyone can see that bringing Jose back for a third spell would be a bad idea. We had him at his best, there’s no need to tarnish those memories by getting 2024 Jose in to cause trouble and struggle to connect with our squad.

The good news is that we think a Saudi Arabian club is about to make him an (even richer) man, and we soon won’t have to worry about Jose’s ghost haunting every conversation when things are going badly.

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