Reason Pochettino’s shortcomings lies with owners and sporting directors

Pochettino’s points target is not to be strictly interpreted; responsibility for his shortcomings lies with owners and sporting directors, according to opinion

It was interesting to see Ben Jacob’s column on Simon Phillips’ Substack yesterday claim that Chelsea’s manager Mauricio Pochettino “was told over the festive period the expecation was to reduce the gap on fifth to single digits” – something he managed with wins over Luton, Fulham and Crystal Palace.

While Jacobs has great sources at the heart of Chelsea and is very reliable, we can’t believe that Pochettino was given any sort of ultimatum at this point.

We’ve always been convinced that Pochettino would get until the end of the season, or until Chelsea are eliminated from the race for any sort of European football entirely. The coach insists that there were no targets set for him at the start of the season and we believe it, but those in charge will have to draw the line somewhere.

But after the chaos of last year the ownership will do anything to avoid sacking another coach so soon, and the sporting directors have their fingerprints on Pochettino, and will also want to avoid a change as much as possible.

We’re sure there was a great desire internally to use these easier games to close the gap – but a literal points target being handed out sounds unlikely.

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