Micah claims these two Chelsea players don’t understand how to play together

Micah claims these two Chelsea players don’t know how to work together

Moises Caicedo and Enzo Fernandez are still struggling to find a way to work together at Chelsea, following their multi-million pound transfers to the club. This is according to former Manchester City defender, Micah Richards.

The pair lined up in midfield, alongside Conor Gallagher, as Chelsea picked up a valuable 1-0 victory at home against Fulham this past Saturday.

Enzo was also named Man of the Match at full-time, while Caicedo received praise from some fans, who appreciated his contribution. But despite their best efforts, Richards appears to still not be satisfied with the south American stars, who he criticised while speaking on the Rest Is Football podcast.

He said: “I think Enzo and Caicedo in midfield don’t really know what each other are doing. Is one going and one staying?

“Is it worth dropping one of them and then bringing Conor Gallagher back? Don’t forget they still have Lavia as well, so where does he fit into the team?”

Lavia is currently injured, but even if the Belgian returns to full fitness right now, he would still have to gradually work his way into the team, having played just once since the start of the summer.



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