Why Chelsea mulls short-term Firmino or Benzema option; Telegraph reports

Telegraph reports: Chelsea mulls short-term Firmino or Benzema option

Chelsea are reportedly being forced to consider a short-term option in attack this window, according to The Telegraph.

The fresh report has just come out this morning and it is based around a desire for a new striker to arrive at the club this transfer window, with time now running out this month.

Mauricio Pochettino and his players are currently on a break, but the head coach has confirmed that he will be keeping his phone on and close to him these next few days in order to speak transfers as they weigh up the options.

And apparently, according to the above report at least, two of those options could be Roberto Firmino or Karim Benzema, both of whom are currently playing in Saudi Arabia.

There is apparently no appetite to spend £120 million to sign Victor Osimhen from Napoli this month and the growing belief is that Ivan Toney will see the season out at Brentford.

Taking a risk on a striker who has been prolific in Portugal or Holland is unlikely to yield instant results, which perhaps leaves Chelsea having to consider the possibility of trying to find a short-term loan option from Saudi Arabia in the form of Roberto Firmino or even Karim Benzema.

The report seems a bit more speculative than anything else, but it’s interesting that these two names are mentioned – I think it could become a genuine option.

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