Pochettino suggests a beneficial break for Christopher Nkunku

Pochettino suggests a beneficial break for Christopher Nkunku

Match of the Day grabbed Mauricio Pochettino for a quick word before he did his printed press media duties, and as you’d expect the Chelsea boss was in a good mood.

He’d just watched his team win 1-0, and they now have ten days off to prepare to try and come back in a home second leg of the EFL Cup semi final against Middlesbrough.

These next ten days will be vital for his team after an exhausting winter period with a limited squad preventing much rotation, and the coach said as much:

“[Building momentum] is important. We need to keep pushing. We have a break but that will be good for our players. Too many players played too many games so a break is good.”

He also had a positive update on the fitness of his star attacker:

“I think Christopher Nkunku is going to be ready as soon as possible.”

That doesn’t give much away of course, but there does seem to be some hope that this ten day break will help him too. Certainly if there had been any kind of conclusive bad scan on his recent hip problem, we’d know about it by now.

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