Pochettino reacts to Thiago Silva’s future inquiries on new deal

Pochettino reacts to Thiago Silva’s future inquiries on new deal

Thiago Silva’s future is a growing question mark, and it’s an issue that’s going to be raised in pretty much every press conference until the club deal with it, one way or the other.

Mauricio Pochettino expertly waffled his way through a response about the Brazilian’s future, but it’s going to get harder and harder to avoid the question:

“At the moment, we’re not talking with players [about extensions]. I don’t believe the club is talking. That’s between the player and club to decide what’s best. Now it’s a moment to work together and try to get results.”

Silva’s contract runs out in the summer, and it’s usually been around this time in previous iterations of this situation that a deal extension has been announced (the latest paying him £8.5m a year according to Sportrac). That makes everyone happy, and moves the issue on.

That doesn’t look like it’s happening this time. It looks like the veteran will be leaving, and until Chelsea admit that, the situation is going to continue to attract attention.

The downside is obvious – it makes the remaining matches a little bit of a procession for him, and also raises further questions about whether we should be building for the future by playing younger players in his stead.

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