Pochettino defends team’s poor performance by citing statistics

Chelsea manager defends team’s performance by citing statistics, claiming they were the fourth best

In his prematch interview on the pitch with TNT Sport, Mauricio Pochettino has been speaking about his team and their current form.

It felt like the pressure on Pochettino really went up in the last week. Two very poor performances in a row against Championship opposition convinced another tranche of the fanbase that this project is going nowhere and that there’s been little development in the team’s attacking play despite the months ticking by.

But Pochettino came out fighting – we wouldn’t say he had prepared his defence, but it certainly was clear he’d thought about the criticism.

He pointed out that his team had been “the third or fourth best side in the Christmas period,” and that a loss in the first leg in the cup could easily be overturned.

There’s no doubt that results are better than they were, that’s true. But we want to be convinced on the pitch, not in interviews.

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