Manager’s latest transfer update indicates plans in motion during discussion

Manager’s latest transfer update indicates plans in motion during discussion

Mauricio Pochettino blocks back every question he gets about transfer in general. He’s always able to say (quite correctly) that it’s not his department, and that he doesn’t want to get into specifics.

But he can’t deny he has a role, and that he’s interesting in improving his squad. How could he not be?

His quotes today revealed a bit about how things are working behind the scenes, and came closest to an admission that we’ve seen that he’s actively involved in pursuing targets for this January:

“With the club, of course. I say ‘the club’ because of the owners – Behdad, Todd, Jose, Laurence and Paul, and of course me and Jesus. We are all in conversation. The relationship is good. We are going to do what is the best for the club and to try and perform and win games.

“We have to look after the squad and be involved with the players and the staff. Sometimes we talk about it’s a new team but it’s a new club, different areas of the club are new also. We need to coordinate and create a way to work and to perform also. Sometimes I don’t say nothing about that but it’s always good to context everything. Of course we are talking and we will decide what’s best for us.”

That last line makes it seem like something is in motion, and that the coach and his assistant have made it clear to the owners and the sporting directors what they want and need to try and improve things.

Whether they are listened to is another question. Another question is whether further incoming transfers will actually help or hinder the morale and squad situation as a whole.

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