Pochettino’s recent statement will disappoint Chelsea supporters aiming for a higher position

Pochettino’s recent statement will disappoint Chelsea supporters aiming for a higher position

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has been speaking to the media ahead of tonight’s League Cup semi final clash against Middlesbrough.

There was an embargoed section released late last night with some interesting words from the gaffer. I can also see that these words are going to frustrate and annoy sections of the Chelsea fan base.

Personally, I think Pochettino is probably just trying to remind the players not to get complacent like they were against Preston in the first half at the weekend. But I know some fans will see this as setting low standards and not having any belief.

So what has Pochettino actually said?

In words picked up by The Guardian, he said: “Is it because of Chelsea’s history or [are we talking about] Chelsea of the last six months?

“Even if Middlesbrough are in another division, we need to take them like they’re the best team in the world. Of course, people can think Chelsea is Chelsea. No. We are in the middle of the table. We’re not competing in the Champions League or Europa League. That is our reality. We need to be humble enough to realise.

“If we believe that we are Chelsea … because we use this badge, we are going to win tomorrow … I think we are going to be really wrong. It’s important to be humble enough to say we need to chase them, be aggressive and together, match their desire. In that case, maybe we will have the opportunity to win.

“The important thing is to enjoy the semi-final,” Pochettino said. “It’s not about feeling like it is compulsory for us to be in the final. That is when you start to limit yourself, to feel restrictions. You cannot play if you feel some pressure and you don’t feel fresh in your mind. We have talked a lot about going there and feeling free to play. The important thing is the approach, to start in a good way.”

I just know people are going to dig him out on the whole mid-table comments and draw on that. The reality is I guess he is just saying it how it is and I think this is his way of trying to make his players realise they cannot take their foot of the gas.

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