Pochettino advises Chelsea to exercise caution against Middlesbrough

Pochettino advises Chelsea to exercise caution against Middlesbrough

Mauricio Pochettino asks his players to be careful as VAR won’t be in use vs Middlesbrough

Mauricio Pochettino has advised his players to be careful in the game against Middlesbrough in the Carabao Cup semi-final, as VAR won’t be used in the match.

The absence of VAR is because the stadiums that are outside of the Premier League aren’t equipped with the technology required for the video assistant referee, which isn’t a problem for low-tier leagues and clubs as they are used to operating without VAR.

However, Chelsea will have to be wary of it because they won’t have Var and will have to be careful with their tackles and positioning during the matches.

The Argentine manager has already told his players to be cautious about the absence of Var because the referee will be making all the decisions. Speaking to the Independent, he said:

“We need to be different in our approach. We need to change. Now, it’s just the referee that is going to decide; we need to be cautious. It’s a different game. We need to be clever in this way.”

What Pochettino has advised should be taken into account because we need VAR if the referee makes mistakes, but given that there will be no VAR, we will have to be very rational with our game tackles and how we escape offside traps. Everything in the match will matter, and the players should be prepared for this.

Because he won’t have any additional referees to advise him that he should have made a different decision, the referee will make all of the calls during the game and cannot reverse them. The most crucial factor in these games is maturity, which we must exhibit and refrain from arguing with the referee if we want to avoid getting booked.

We have an easy matchup to win, and we should have little trouble winning because we looked disoriented against Preston, something we ought to avoid against Middlesbrough.

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