Chelsea get tough FA Cup 4th round fixtures (Full Fixtures)

Chelsea get tough FA Cup 4th round fixtures (Full Fixtures)

FA Cup 4th round draw has been completed as Chelsea face Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspur will play Man City.

Chelsea beat Preston 4-0 to sealed their qualification to the next round as well as Liverpool 2-0 over Arsenal was enough to get the Reds 4th round spot.

The fa cup 4th fixtures has been drawn as some teams yet to play the 5th round game.

FA Cup 4th round draw

Tottenham vs Manchester City.

Chelsea vs Aston Villa.

Liverpool vs Norwich City/Bristol Rovers.

Fulham vs Newcastle.

Newport County/Eastleigh vs Wigan/Manchester United.

Watford vs. Southampton

Blackburn vs. Wrexham

Bournemouth vs. Swansea

WBA vs. Brentford or Wolves

West Ham or Bristol City vs. Nottingham Forest or Blackpool

Leicester vs. Hull City or Birmingham

Sheffield Wednesday vs. Coventry

Chelsea vs. Aston Villa

Ipswich vs. Maidstone United

Liverpool vs. Norwich City or Bristol Rovers

Tottenham vs. Manchester City

Leeds vs. Plymouth

Crystal Palace or Everton vs. Luton or Bolton

Newport County or Eastleigh vs. Wigan or Manchester United

Sheffield United vs. Brighton

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